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Moving to Ireland

If you are thinking about Moving to Ireland - here at Irish Links we have some information , advice and useful Links to help you make the move.

You will find free information and advice about : - Irish Citizenship , Removals to Ireland , Exchanging Currency ,
Buying a House in Ireland, Working in Ireland , Bank Accounts, Pensions, Irish Income Tax, Credit Cards  , Car Tax Rates in Ireland   Broadband in Ireland and much much more.

Moving to Ireland still has a lot going for it - for newcomers or those returning after many years away.
Like many other countries - the Irish economy has slowed down after several years of massive growth - but there are some signs of recovery in 2013.
The Central Statistics Office estimate that the number of Irish people moving back to live in Ireland increased from 19,600 in 2011 to 20,600 in 2012.

Irish house prices have fallen by more than 50% from their peak - which is great for anyone looking to buy a house in Ireland. The house prices in some areas are tarting to rise again (May 2013)) - and now may be a good time to think about buying a home in Ireland again. There are somegood bargains to be found.

In Ireland the personal taxation levels are still amongst the lowest in the OECD. For companies relocating to Ireland - the corporation tax is still one of the lowest in the world at 12.5%. Ireland is the only English-speaking country that operates within the eurozone.

Jobs are not as easy to find in Ireland now as they were 4 or 5 years ago. The construction sector was the main area of slowdown but many major IT related companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Paypal ,Ebay ,Facebook HP, and Intel have located their European headquarters in Ireland. Skilled IT staff are always required as well as people with language skills .
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The pace of life in Ireland is relaxed. Irish people seem to know that life isn’t just about the stresses and strains that we’re faced with daily, but rather about friends and family; holidays and celebrations; a pint and a laugh with friends.

Maybe your ancestors left Ireland many years ago - and you now want to return to your Irish roots. Maybe you were born in Ireland and are thinking of going back "home" or even retiring in Ireland. Whatever your reasons - you should find some useful information here to help you make the move.

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